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We are Zwiers Language & Exam Centre and our mission is to support our clients in the corporate, professional or academic fields. Our unique and innovative training courses encourage and motivate our students to master specific areas. By means of personalised and targeted learning processes we motivate  students to share knowledge in a specific environment.

Different courses throughout the year!

Zwiers Language & Exam centre offers new and different courses throughout the whole year. From courses, trainging and exams for beginners and advanced English speakers. 
You will be guided on how to improve communication, negotiation and presentation in an international context so that you work more successfully and your organization achieves its objectives.

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Goal oriented communication

We understand that the customer must be able to communicate effectively and create customer awareness so that they become conscious of their own strengths and potential. By stimulating language skills, we strive for an environment where effective communication is central. Because our training courses are tailored to the specific needs of people, we offer the right support to do business in an international setting. Together with the customer, we build a solid foundation for effective communication. The success of our customers means success for us!

Personal assistance

In addition, we strive to offer everyone the opportunity to test their knowledge in English by taking a prestigious Cambridge Exam. This is possible at Zwiers Language & Exam Centre from the lowest level, Pre A2 KEY, to the highest level,C2 Cambridge Proficiency, which is a requirement for teachers of  English.

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