Fees for public or CRKBO


educational institutions







KEY (KET)€ 125,–€ 135,–
Preliminary (PET)€ 135,–€ 145,–
First (FCE)€ 205,–€ 215,–
First (FCE) for schools€ 205,–€ 215,–
Advanced (CAE)€ 220,–€ 230,–
Proficiency (CPE)€ 230,–€ 240,–
Business (BEC) Preliminary€ 160,–€ 170,–
Business (BEC) Vantage€ 185,–€ 195,–
Business (BEC) Higher€ 200,–€ 210,–


We offer a € 10,– discount per candidate when you register ten or more candidates for a paper-based exam at one exam centre, excluding a Young Learners exam.

Prices stated are valued for the 2018 exam season and subject to change in line with inflation and other associated charges.

Prices do not include VAT.